Summers and Associates are happy to announce that we offer the following services:


Speaking focus: Education, management, urban issues, public policy, politics, community and economic development, and leadership
Video examples of speaking engagements:

We have a number of talented individuals who can speak about higher education, politics, policy, race, K-12 education, access and affordability, global education, leadership, management, governance, and board relations to name a few. We look forward to attending your senior leadership meetings or retreats, speaking publicly at your institution and board meetings to provide information that will help you advance your institution.


Structure follows strategy, as Peter Drucker once said. We are committed to helping institutions think about their strategic planning process and the development of a plan. We are a group of professionals who have more than 40 years of combined experience in strategic planning and assisting institutions move in a direction that supports the mission of the college or university. We can assist from the beginning stages of forming a committee, developing a process that is conscious of the institutional culture to thinking through the strategies that will advance the institution to implementation and monitoring the plans performance. We are committed to helping small colleges and universities succeed in a market that is rapidly constricting.


We are a group of skilled and talented professionals that can come and provide workshops on a variety of topics ranging from leadership development, communications, innovation, entrepreneurship, race relations, planning, to the state of politics and policy, globalism, economics, higher education, and economic development. We are happy to tap into the collective wisdom of our team to customize our workshops to support your needs.